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Future Campus School – Garia

Learning is an all-encompassing journey. Theory learning within classroom boundaries need to be complemented with practical application. Our events will be multi-dimensional to help students imbibe the culture of team work, cultural responsiveness and aesthetic and environmental awareness.

Our campus activities, events, festivals, quizzes, competitions are designed to create the knowledgeable, empathetic and creative global citizens of the future.

Durga Puja Special Assembly

Durga Puja Special Assembly. Durga Puja has surpassed being a religious ceremony it is more of a culture where students learn that good will always prevail over evil. The songs and dances are a part of growing up years which ring even when one is old. The children dressed as Durga and her children stole all hearts..the students performed to different songs invoking festivity in the air.

Activity Week FCS – Garia

Once exams are over children usually have a habit of staying at home as parents indulge in this.

But this is the time to build on their skills. So at Future Campus School Garia, we had an activity week each day students from class III to class VI participated in various activities to showcase their talents and bring forth the best in each child. On Monday 23rd September the students had a card-making activity. This was for all classes from LKG to class VI.

Say No to Plastic Campaign – FCS, Garia

Today there was an awareness drive from Future Campus School Garia to say no to plastic bags.

The students of class II to VI had made paper bags from newspaper with an awareness message on each back.

Students went to two locations, one being the Pakhi Bazar at Boral and the other the Garia main bazar. These are places where mostly plastic bags are used. The students not only distributed the bags to vendors and customers or passers by but also explained the reason. The students those who went were from classes V and VI along with their teachers. Glimpses of this activity.

Independence Day Celebration at FCS, Garia

“Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”. And on this note Future Campus School, Garia celebrated its 1st Independence Day. To ingrain that “Tahar Majhey Achey Desh Ak Sakal Desher Shera”. Students performed to bring in the 73nd Independence Day and feel the pride to be an Indian. #LifeAtFuture #Futurites #FCS

Awareness Walk at Future Campus School – Garia

At Future Campus School, Garia had an awareness walk from the school to Rakhiter More in Boral, Garia. An important message was being spread to the neighborhood as they put badges on passers by with a message “Save Trees”, “Save Water”, “Save Electricity”, “Say no to Plastic”, Plant More Trees”, “Save the Earth”, “Conserve Rain Water”. All the students had placards with their message on them as they walked along. Hope to create an aware conscious citizens of tomorrow.

Blue Day at Future Campus School – Garia

In early childhood repetition or reiteration forms the basis of learning, skill development and accomplishment. Repetition helps to improve speed, increases confidence and strengthens the connection in the brain that helps the child to learn. To reiterate colours and those associated with it we had a blue day on Friday 19th July for LKG and UKG. They all came dressed in blue make the blue Curacao drink which is blue and had a blue wall with their crafts and things they had brought.

Parents Counselling at Future Campus School – Garia

At Future Campus School – Garia we also guide the Parents to create an environment that will bring out the best from their children. One such initiative was today’s session, where at Future Campus School, Garia our counselor Ms. Payel Ghosh counseled the parents about the usage of Electronic Media (Cell Phones/Gaming Consoles/Television, etc.) by children. She also counseled the parents about how to deal with aggression and build cognitive skills in the formative years of the children. She emphasized on spending quality time with children and thus create an environment best suited for a child’s upbringing at home.

Coffee Meet with Educators @ Future Campus School – Garia

Primary School principals and educators assembled in this meet on 29th August 2018. They discussed about how experiential learning and collaborative spirit can help teachers to develop skills which are required for the children in future.

Parent’s Day at School

Future Campus School-Garia organized a day-long interactive “Parent’s Day” within the school premises on 6th August, 2018. An enriching exchange of thoughts took place between the parents and teachers of the students, so that they can team up for the effective mentorship of their children.

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