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FCS – Garia Middle School Assessments

Students are evaluated on the basis of the remodeled structure of CBSE with the three periodic tests and the final assessments.

At Future Campus School – Garia, students are usually not compared with each other. Instead, they are gently guided to understand the inherent strengths, virtues and potential that they possess within themselves.

The objective is to recognise the progress that each child makes in her own learning curve.

Evaluation at Future Campus School – Garia is a source of inspiration and learning, and not a time for judgement and fear.

Evaluation techniques:

  • Observing students in a group
  • Following student class participation
  • Analyzing their learning indicators
  • Project Work Assessments
  • Evaluating their presentation skills
  • Study note books for understanding a student’s conceptual clarity
  • Assessment of worksheets
  • Evaluating their performance in Quiz, Debates, Creative writing
  • Unit, Term and End-of-Year Assessments

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