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Differentiated Learning @ Future Campus School – Garia

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I want to understand how my students are learning through intelligent reporting systems that can relay information in the simplest terms at the click of a button. I want to understand which classes are performing above average for each subject and whether the syllabus deadlines are being met efficiently and effectively.

Moushumi Banerjee

Some of my best students underperform; simply they aren’t good test takers. If only we could prepare them to take exams better.

Saraswati Vasudevan

My daughter struggles to pick up the simplest concepts in Algebra, but she is great at applying herself during science experiments.

Pradeep Kumar

How can Learn Bigger address these learning issues?

Learn Bigger helps to determine the learning styles of the student, thereby helping them understand the kind of learning that needs to take place.

They cater to these individual learner requirements by providing specially designed curriculum aids, which makes learning fun.

Their core focus equips learners to perform under formal school systems. All Learn Bigger programmes are geared towards the convergence of individual preferences and board exam expectations.

Future Campus School – Garia has collaborated “Learn Bigger” to facilitate inclusive learning in classrooms where all types of learners will be involved and embraced.

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